Paul Sampson – Actor, Director and Writer

Born to international parents of completely different backgrounds, Paul entered the world with a very distinct physical presence, persona, and curious outlook on life. He was exposed to various cultures and accents throughout his childhood and early teenage years; an influence he would explore and call upon throughout his stage and film career, playing an eclectic list of characters ranging from Mediterranean, Eastern European, Russian, Middle Eastern, Northern Spain, and various regions of England and the United States.. .

At the age of seven, Paul made his stage debut in third grade with the lead role of Kris Kringle, and over the years he has carried roles ranging from slapstick comedian to psychotic killer with equal adeptness.  Whether playing the cop, the heavy, the comic relief, the town hunk or the mentally challenged, his strong emotional range, comedic timing, and dramatic physical presence have resulted in dozens of commendable stage performances.

Sampson made a seamless transition from the stage to film and has both starred and supported in many Independent and Studio level feature films. He maintains the ability to jump from leading man to character actor and back effortlessly and convincingly, working alongside a long list of well-known and respected industry actors.

Another field that Paul has attained excellence in is writing.  He has established himself as a prolific screenwriter in which several of his screenplays have been nominated and awarded on the independent level.

For Paul, having writing and starring credits in a movie is not unfamiliar territory.  Challenging himself, he reached a new milestone when – in addition to writing and starring- he has also produced and directed the Cult Classic film, Night of the Templar.

An interesting note about Sampson is that is first love was never acting or directing… it was sports. He excelled in athleticism and dominated in several events. In his last year of playing ‘organized’ sports, he was offered to play spring ball (baseball) in Florida with an expansion team; however, he passed to move to Hollywood to begin his film career.

With his skills featured throughout the spectrum of film and creative entertainment, Paul’s abilities are bred from responding to opportunity with a dedicated effort toward personal growth. When the availability to present talent opens, Paul has the tools required to fill the need.

Presently, he is single and divides his time between Los Angeles and New York City.  He has an MBA in Finance, and holds a U.S. passport, a United Kingdom passport, and a European Community passport.